Pressure Washer Guide

A Buying Guide For Pressure Washer of 2014

A Buying Guide For Pressure Washer

A Buying Guide For Pressure Washer

Buying Guide For Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are powerful and useful tools you can use to clean your driveway, walkway, wall surfaces and sidings. Their effectiveness will however depend on which washer you have chosen and for which purpose. The more stronger the bond between the surface and the stain, the more pressure (psi) you will require to remove it. The larger the gallons per minute (GPM) also the more surface area a pressure washer can clean. The cleaning units (CU) is the true test of how much pressure a washer has. To keep your home looking its best, the best pressure washer should meet all your expectations. Though it won’t be an easy task to find a good unit, this Pressure Washer buying guide will help you make an informed decision on which washer you can buy.

Home Use

In case you need a pressure washer that you will only use for a couple of hours weekly while at home, then you should invest in a cheaper unit. For an electric washer you can choose a unit with 2000 psi or less and 1000 psi or less for a gasoline pressure washer. Most less expensive pressure washers have plastic valves and aluminum pump heads. They also have direct drive systems hence operate at higher RPM. They are mostly cheap because their components are also cheaper. Units that are used for commercial purposes usually come with stainless-steel valves and brass pump heads.

Commercial / Industrial Use

You will need an industrial grade pressure washer in case you want a unit that you will use for more than 100 hours per week. Commercial pressure washers usually have brass pump heads. Gasoline-powered units come with either belt drive or gear drive systems with the belt drive being the less durable and less expensive option. If you require an electric industrial grade pressure washer, choose a direct drive unit with 1750-1800 RPM motor or a belt drive washer with a 3500 RPM motor.

To get the best pressure washer, in most cases don’t emphasize more on power. Instead, choose a unit that has top quality components. For instance, you should consider the unloader valve which controls the pressure because it is usually the most defective part in most units yet most customers don’t consider it when buying pressure washers. Most importantly, if you are going to use the washer for 40 hours and more per week, then you need a unit with belt driven pumps and low RPM. This is because such washers are designed for continuous use and therefore can easily withstand lengthier cleaning projects.

Generally, consumer pressure washers are less expensive and are also equipped with consumer engines complete with consumer grade pumps. Such washers are not designed to be used daily. Instead you can only use them at home on a weekly or a monthly basis. Professional washers on the other hand have powerful engines and pumps that can run for longer hours compared to consumer washers. Such washers are designed for daily use. With this pressure washer buying guide in mind, now buy the best pressure washer.